[Freeswitch-users] Prolem with SIP OPTION ping

Gary Chen Gary.Chen at lightyear.net
Fri Feb 15 23:07:36 MSK 2013

Version: Freeswitch with ODBC as core db.

For redundancy purpose, I have two FS running behind a Kamailio SIP proxy. My Kamailio uses diapatcher to send call to FS1 first. If FS1 is not available, Kamailio will send call to FS2.   Kamailio frequently send out SIP OPTION message to check each FS. If no reponse  back from one of FS, it will mark it as Inactive and stop sending call to it. The problem I have is that when the odbc connection gone bad, the FS is still up and running and it still reply back "200 OK" to SIP OPTION from Kamailio. So Kamailio dispatcher will not mark it as Inactive and continue sending call to the bad FS and call will fail.

Is there anyway I can make FS not reponse back to Kamailio with "200 OK" when core ODBC is down?
Or shutdown the FS when core ODBC is down?


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