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Usama Zaidi itsusama at gmail.com
Wed Feb 13 13:24:58 MSK 2013


Just wanted to know why don't I get any events on start/stop speaking
conference joins/leaves if I do something like this:

$con->events("plain","CUSTOM conference::maintenance");
$con->sendRecv("filter Unique-ID $confUUID");

Instead I've to do something like this:

$con->events("plain","CUSTOM conference::maintenance");
$con->sendRecv("filter Unique-ID $confmember1");
$con->sendRecv("filter Unique-ID $confmember2");
$con->sendRecv("filter Unique-ID $confmember3");

Which is useless in case you want to check if a user is entering/leaving a
particular conference in a single inbound ESL script...

What I'm doing instead now is something on these lines:

$con->sendRecv("filter Unique-ID $CONFNAME");
if event equals PRESENCE_IN and presence-call-direction equals inbound then
    execute API command conference list confname
    parse uuid from members add a filter update the hashtable for existing
//once we have the uuid filter added we'll get to know if that user leaves,
so the logic for removing the filter is straight forward
if event equals CUSTOM and subtype is CONFERENCE::MAINTANANCE
    if event action=del-member remove filter for UUID

I don't get ANY event if I'm filtering on conference UUID... I think that
needs to be fixed, because its mod_conference which is throwing all those


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