[Freeswitch-users] Running FS with "daemon" group.

Michael Jerris mike at jerris.com
Mon Feb 11 18:08:30 MSK 2013

You can run freeswitch with whatever user/group you like as long as it has the necessary permissions.  The more isolated typically the better, depending on your specific needs.

On Feb 9, 2013, at 11:29 AM, Mimiko Mimiko <vbvbrj at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hello.
> On this page: http://wiki.freeswitch.org/wiki/Freeswitch_init I see that FS is started under "daemon" group. Is it safe to start it that way, and is it safe if other services will be started under the same group?
> About "daemon" group debian says that is better that each service is started in its own uid/guid. But that way services cannot share same directory for storing and reading common files. Especially that FS creates files with 750 permission.
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