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Yehavi Bourvine yehavi.bourvine at gmail.com
Thu Feb 7 23:05:51 MSK 2013


  I have used only the  Audiocodes ones (had also Cisco, but Audiocodes is
way better than it). I did not try what you want, but I think it can do it.
Since I moved from Cisco to Audiocodes I am happy.

Do you want to route calls from one PRI to the other without having any SIP
involved for these calls? If this is the case the I'll have to ask my
Audiocodes contacts about it.

The Mediant-1,000 can use two ethernet ports with spanning tree for
failover. I did not try it, and you should make sure that the software
version you get supports this.


2013/2/7 Mimiko <vbvbrj at gmail.com>

> Hello.
> I want to propose for purchasing a VoIP gateway to connect some PRI
> lines with FS. Basic operation has to be routing like this:
> One line PRI will be connected to phone provider. Some calls to certain
> numbers thru this connection must be routed to FS via IP. Other
> destination numbers must be routed to second PRI connection for legacy
> PBX for analog phones. So the VoIP gateway must have two PRI (T1/E1)
> connections and two LAN connection for failover.
> After a while this VoIP gateway will be as a tehnology converter from IP
> to PRI. So LAN connectors will be used for connection to FS in a
> failover manner. And two PRI connectors will be used to connect to
> legacy PBX which have two PRI inputs to handle 60 concurrent connection.
> I've spotted three models:
> 1) Patton SN4951/4E60V2GS/EUI 4T1/E1/PRI 60 VoIP Channels G.SHDSL for
> $5,000
> 2) Audiocodes Mediant 1000 M1K-D2 2T1/E1 for  $3,800
> 3) Sangoma Vega 400 2 T1/E1 Digital Gateway for $4,437
> Which of this is a better working solution with failover and extended
> call routing plans?
> Thansk.
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> Mimiko desu.
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