[Freeswitch-users] Fwd: How to change Music-on-hold while digit_bind_action is used ? (Michael Collins)

julien terrasson julien.terrasson at gmail.com
Wed Apr 24 17:12:30 MSD 2013

Hi Michael,

Thanks for your answer (quoted hereafter)..

"To answer your initial question: yes, what you are trying to accomplish is
definitely possible. However if you want the caller ("A" in your scenario)
to press only a single key then you can't use bind_meta_app (BMA). BMA
requires two key presses: * and one other DTMF. That's why your scenario
requires ** to trigger."

... but i'm already using bind_digit_action :-)

I probably gave too much information and made the problem description
Sorry about that & let me try to explain again :

Every time the star key is pressed, it will correctly execute the lua
script, no problem here.. But

When executing that lua script  :
The first time, the standard freeswitch moh is heard (on the b_leg) when
playAndGetDigits is called (on the a_leg).
 The 2nd time, my custom freeswitch moh is heard (on the b_leg) when
playAndGetDigits is called (on the a_leg).

Here are the instruction which are causing me headaches :

*/* Change the moh on the A leg */
*api:executeString("uuid_setvar ".. b_leg_uuid .. " hold_music
/* Play and request digit (B leg) */*
digit = session:playAndGetDigits(1, 1, 1, 5000, '#',
fr/ca/june/voxService/fr_ask_email.wav', '', '\\d+');

I was expecting fr_wait_email.wav to be played every time, but it look like
"uuid_setvar <b_leg_uuid> hold_music <custom_wav>" is not taken into
account on-the-fly, but only after bind_digit_action is finished.
Is that a normal behaviour ? If yes, what would be the correct way of
changing the moh when bind_digit_action is executed ?


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