[Freeswitch-users] Mult-tenant FS with ReSIProcate?

Jeff Bernhardt jeff at askcornerstone.net
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Didn't find any more info, but I think I'm going to work on just the multi-tenant side first and then figure out how to introduce Repro later. Repro is just for federated voip basically 'cause it's cool and everything, but I might be biting off more than I can chew at the moment. I still get giddy just watching fs_cli as it transfers calls, picks up voicemails, etc. :)

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Did you ever find anything on this? Just curious. I'm not aware of any tutorials or references on doing this, so if you figure it out I'd like to see your configs get posted somewhere. :)

On Sat, Apr 20, 2013 at 8:31 PM, Jeff Bernhardt <jeff at askcornerstone.net<mailto:jeff at askcornerstone.net>> wrote:
We have several small clients we run Asterisk deployments for. We have a FreePBX server on VMware ESXi onsite for each of them and they have trunks using a local SIP provider. Very simple setups.

We're thinking of running a muli-tenant Freeswitch at our office/datacenter and ditching all their FreePBX servers (although they've served us well). I haven't setup multi-tenant stuff in Freeswitch, but I have some idea how it works... however, what confuses me beyond belief is this: we also want to do this whole thing with federated VOiP working as well via ReSIProcate (Repro). Getting Repro up and running by itself isn't much work, and getting Freeswitch up and running by itself isn't much work, but getting them both up with multi-tenancy working together is over my head, and I wonder if it's even possible.

The opentelcoms.org<http://opentelcoms.org> and rtquickstart.org<http://rtquickstart.org> guides have provided lots of good info, but they don't talk about multi-tenancy or go in depth for newbie people like me about how the routing for this whole thing would work even for single tenancy. Does anyone know of any clear description/tutorials of how this could all work that doesn't assume decades of working in telephony? Just want to know 1) if it's possible and 2) generally what needs to routed to where, etc (this page has a general explanation, but it left me with some questions http://www.opentelecoms.org/using-repro-with-asterisk-or-freeswitch).

Also, we've chosen Repro over Kamilio because supposedly Repro is easier to setup for the uninitiated, but is this so? And what about OpenSIPS? I see 2600hz uses it for their SIP proxy. Is there any reason this would be better than Repro for our purposes?

Thank you.


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