[Freeswitch-users] session_locate and deadlocks

Michel Brabants michel.brabants at gmail.com
Sun Apr 21 17:59:17 MSD 2013


I'm trying to passthrough some events from one leg of a bridged session to
the other leg: notify-talk and hold. talk was an easy one.

However, regarding the hold, I'm afraid of deadlocks, because I will be
modying the peer-session (putting it on hold), which will also try to
modify the originating leg (play hold-music).

So, can a session get a readlock on a session that is currenly processing a
request? I have the impression that there are higher-level-locks on
sip-level. So, my question is:

What is the function of the readlock created by
"switch_core_session_locate" ? And, can multiple locks be acquired (think
so), but what should I watch out for then?


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