[Freeswitch-users] Outgoing fax issue.

Grant Iler grant at bmcrministries.org
Thu Apr 11 21:26:45 MSD 2013

I changed the bridge-FXS-to-FXO extension to include number plan Nathan provided. That worked well because in the dialplan faxes did not pass the conditions for that extension unless they had 7 or 10 digits. It did not resolve the issue of the faxes not going through. I ran a fax through and according to the logs (see attached) the only digit collected was 7 and then it sent that to the dialplan which failed on the bridge-fxs-to-fxo extension because it only had one digit. I ran a couple faxes and tried using 7 digit and 10 digit numbers and the results were the same with only one digit collected for the number.


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You've told it to match "7" followed by any number of digits...

I'm surprised your actually getting as far into the pattern match as you are.

Can you match on specific number plan lengths? i.e. ^7(\d{7}|1\d{10})$ instead?

-- Nathan

> <extension name=”bridge-FXS-to-FXO” continue=”true”> < condition 
> field=”destination_number” expression=”^7(.+)$”/> < condition 
> field=”channel_name” expression=”FreeTDM/1:1/”>
> < action application=”bridge” data=”freetdm/1/1/${destination_number}|freetdm/2/3/${destination_number}”/>   </condition>
> < /extension>

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