[Freeswitch-users] voicemail issue with happy end

Chris B. Ware chrisbware at yahoo.it
Tue Apr 9 13:38:12 MSD 2013


I like to share with FS community a strange issue, now fixed, since
it seems many people has problems with sendmail and FS.

I've a couple of servers with Debian 6.0.7 and FreeSWITCH Version 1.5.1b.
A working configuration for voicemail and fax2mail (tested on same distribution) 
didn't work: same old sendmail segfault error.
My previous Freeswitch version was last stable (1.2.8) and the issue was always there.
Mail failed even calling system sendmail from FS_cli.

Rising log on sendmail I've seen that mail passed by FS to sendmail, generated a parsing error
on '@' char. So I changed my lua test script as follow:

freeswitch.email("testmail at yahoo.it",

Note the missing '@mydomain.it' on from argument of the function.

I'm not so expert to explain why, but now everything works as expected!
Hope this info is useful for someone.
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