[Freeswitch-users] Bypass Media status and Can't re-establsh media error message

kawarod kawarod at laposte.net
Tue Jun 26 11:53:37 MSD 2012

Hi List,

I have the following error message in the console:
     2012-06-26 11:29:33.399845 [ERR] switch_ivr.c:1414 Can't 
re-establsh media on sofia/INSIDE/1000 at

My dialplan is the following:
     - set bypass_media = true (I don't want to process RTP on freeswitch)
     - bridge the call
     - if bridge is unsuccessful, I execute a perl script

The Perl script catch the sip_error_code that is returned and I play an 
annoucement message depending on the SIP error.

In the perl script I do the following:
     - set bypass_media = false
     - use pre_answer to trigger a SIP 183 cause I don't want the call 
to be billed
     - playback error message
     - hangup with error code

Everything is working fine, I have a SIP 183, the message is played and 
bill_duration = 0; but I have the error message above in console.

If I use answer, instead of pre_answer, the message is played and the 
error message disapear but bill_duration is not null.

I tried to use uuid_media in my perl script but this is not working. I 
got an error message, I assume this is because uuid_media should be used 
when call is bridged.

If somebody as an idea to share :p


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