[Freeswitch-users] softphones and background noise

Eugene Shcherbatyuk shcherbatyuk at belrosbank.by
Tue Jun 26 10:32:57 MSD 2012


We had a number of sound quality issues with our softphones. We could
decuce some causes for that. Often quality of sound was affected by a
combination of them. Here is a something like a checklist:

-- Softphone codec implementation is not that great. (Try different
codecs and/or softphones)
-- Softphone echo cancellation introduces noise (turn off soft echo
-- Transcoding issues at the softphone side.
-- Number and order of softphone codecs are different from these of VOIP
server (make them the same);
-- Noise is generated due to sound card/OS sound equalizer(mixer)
misconfiguration (turn off any effects, see that mic is not echoed to
speakers, etc., etc., etc.)
-- User PC is overloaded ('weak' CPU, little of RAM, RAM spooling, too
many open windows/processes, greedy antiviral software etc.)
-- Weared out and/or buggy headsets.

Hope this will help.

On 25/06/12 19:19, Juan Pablo L. wrote:
> Good morning, i m having lots of issues with softphones, when a call
> is initiated/terminated to a softphone the background noise is too
> high that you can hardly hear the actual voice. i have played around
> with VAD and CNG turning them on and off in the profile and/or the
> dialplan but i have not had any luck. it does not matter if the call
> is internal or goes through a gateway, it is however, worse when it
> goes through a gateway, those are the cases you can not even hear the
> voice for so much noise and when the call is to a next extension the
> background noise is high but not as high. But, if you
> initiate/terminate the call to a hardphone (like polycom phones) the
> call is perfectly clear in all cases (except when the other end is an
> internal softphone). can someone please give me a hint. thanks a
> lot!


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