[Freeswitch-users] Alert-Info header not understood by SPA phones

Vallimamod ABDULLAH vallimamod.abdullah at imtelecom.fr
Sat Jun 23 18:36:44 MSD 2012

On Jun 23, 2012, at 1:11 AM, Mario G wrote:

> Interesting, I could not get the "name" to work, my syntax also allows you to set the W and C variables from FreeSwitch instead of using the ones set on the phone which is more flexible.

Yes, it is definitely better. For those who may come across the same issue, I have posted a question on the cisco forum: https://supportforums.cisco.com/message/3666436.
My temporary workaround was to declare all the local extensions on each phone's personal directory and associate the desired ringtone with it.

> Since you have SPA962s I would like to ask a question regarding a problem I can't solve: 30-40 percent of the time when an SPA962 answers an outside call, some of the other SPA962s keep ringing for a while or you answer/hangup. They are not using shared lines. Ever run into that? Been months on this issue and no one here responded to the issue when I posted it.

I have never encountered this kind issue but for what I know, the spa962 works very bad with sip alg, worse than the spa942. So if there is nat in your call path, you should look there. Also make a sip capture with ngrep (command line: ngrep -qt -W byline -d <network interface> host <phone ip> and port 5060) for the phone that is continuing to ring and pastebin it, I'll have a look on it to check if it receives the correct CANCEL and how it responds to it.

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