[Freeswitch-users] Attended transfer fails when in bypass or proxy mode

Sergei getallad at gmail.com
Thu Jun 21 19:27:24 MSD 2012

Brian, thank you for your comment.

In our case - like centralized location of Freeswitch, distributed offices,
and wan channels between them - bypassing it the only option in order not to
saturate these channels. 

I agree, that attended transfer requires media handling - Freeswitch must
put on hold the call in order to make transfer, but this is much lighter
load on network in comparison with flooding it with RTP of every call (call
between two phones in filial will go through central point).

By the same reason, proxying media is not an option too - still puts load on


The question which is still unclear - is this scenario fully supported in
Freeswitch, and, if yes, on which phones and, probably, with which versions
of Freeswitch and with which config options.



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As far as I know freeswitch has to do some sort of media handling to get the
attended transfer to work so bypassing media is probably not wise. You may
find out that it's a non issue to proxy media.

Brian Foster
Endigo Computer LLC

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On Jun 21, 2012 9:25 AM, "Sergei" <getallad at gmail.com> wrote:

Good day all.

I've recently installed freeswitch in our office and in general everybody is

The only disappointing thing - is attended transfer. 

I've tried to make it working on Cisco7960 and on Grandstream GXP2000 - but
with no luck. Could please, anybody respond, who successfully makes attended
transfer using bypass mode?


In sip profile I use following options:


<param name="media-option" value="resume-media-on-hold"/>

<param name="media-option" value="bypass-media-after-att-xfer"/>


Scenario is the simplest one: A calls B, B transfers to C (with attended
transfer - like putting A on hold, making outcall to C, bridging two calls

What I observe on Cisco phone - is following:


1.      A calls B. B answers, puts A on hold and calls C. C answers and
talks to B. Up to this time - everything is fine.

2.      B presses 'transfer', in order to bridge two calls together. But,
instead, C hangs up, A stays on hold and B looks like he just put A on hold.
If B right now presses hold button - he will appear in dialog with A again.


Did anybody observe such behavior? What could be the advice in such


Thank you in advance, 



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