[Freeswitch-users] Attended transfer fails when in bypass or proxy mode

Sergei getallad at gmail.com
Thu Jun 21 15:33:58 MSD 2012

Good day all.

I've recently installed freeswitch in our office and in general everybody is

The only disappointing thing - is attended transfer. 

I've tried to make it working on Cisco7960 and on Grandstream GXP2000 - but
with no luck. Could please, anybody respond, who successfully makes attended
transfer using bypass mode?


In sip profile I use following options:


<param name="media-option" value="resume-media-on-hold"/>

<param name="media-option" value="bypass-media-after-att-xfer"/>


Scenario is the simplest one: A calls B, B transfers to C (with attended
transfer - like putting A on hold, making outcall to C, bridging two calls

What I observe on Cisco phone - is following:


1.      A calls B. B answers, puts A on hold and calls C. C answers and
talks to B. Up to this time - everything is fine.

2.      B presses 'transfer', in order to bridge two calls together. But,
instead, C hangs up, A stays on hold and B looks like he just put A on hold.
If B right now presses hold button - he will appear in dialog with A again.


Did anybody observe such behavior? What could be the advice in such


Thank you in advance, 



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