[Freeswitch-users] Codec 101 - need help with the basics

ocset ocset at the800group.com
Thu Jun 21 11:09:35 MSD 2012


I need some assistance in understanding the codec minefield.

When a stream of audio is sent to FreeSWITCH (FS) using a particular 
codec, does FS just pass it on or is there some level of translation 

I guess my question relates to a situation where an FXO gateway 
(GXW410x) uses the G723 codec and the receiing phone does not have a 
matching codec (the phone has G.722, G.711 a law, G.711 u law, G.726 and 
G.729 as options). How is this managed by the phone, FreeSWITCH and the 
FXO device? Should I be setting something in FS to handle this issue?

I have 2 cordless Siemens C610 IP phones an I am having sound quality 
issues (incoming sound is soft) and I was wondering how big a part the 
codec plays in this equation. I have desk phones that are from the same 
manufacturer as the FXO gateway (Grandstream) and they have very good 
sound quality.

Calling internally between all the phones has crystal clear sound.

Thanks in advance

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