[Freeswitch-users] My First FreeSwitch OR Is this easy to do?

Chris Mylonas chris at opencsta.org
Thu Jun 21 03:42:33 MSD 2012

> I am technically inclined... to the point where I debated setting up a
> Gentoo box for this because that's what I'm used to administering but
> finally decided that the risk of grumbles from the household if it
> doesn't "just work" for them necessitated using something a little
> more "off the shelf".

hehe .... gentoo rocks!! but for voip systems i run centos because it's just got less update headaches.
there are a bunch of hacks on the net for installing 3rd party scripts or web apps and they are more often than not running on centos as well...so following docs is easy.

you'll really love voip  /s

if you are irc inclined, the fs irc channel is a good place too


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