[Freeswitch-users] freeswitch directories moved

shadowym shadowym at hotmail.com
Wed Jun 20 18:50:40 MSD 2012

Nothing trollish about a user unhappy about a decision they STRONGLY
disagree with.


But it gets even worse again.  Not only have directories been moved and
hierarchy changed.  Some of the default config files haven't been updated to
reflect the moves.  So now you have configs moved to a different directory,
hierarchy changed which makes it non standard from ALL the freeswitch
documentation,  splitting of sound files which were left in original
location, and incorrect directoy setttings in configuration files.




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Normally I would have slapped this email down for being unnecessarily
trollish, however if we s/emotions//g and get to the core of the issue then
I think we can have a productive discussion. Since I personally was not
involved in the decisions on the RPMs I will simply moderate the discussion.

Please everyone, let's keep the discussion civil and on point. 


On Mon, Jun 18, 2012 at 3:01 PM, shadowym <shadowym at hotmail.com> wrote:

Who's idea was it to move the freeswitch directories in the RPM and why?


Is it too much to ask that directories are standardized and don't change?!


Do you know how distruptive it is when you move all the config files from
/opt to /etc.!  Not only that but the hierarchy has been changed.  The /conf
directory has been removed even though it's in all the documentation on the
Freeswitch wiki.  Wtf?  I am used to config files being in /etc for
Asterisk.  Despite all the disadvantages with Asterisk at least they are
sticking with that decision!  Of course if I compile from scratch I suppose
I can choose  the directory myself but for various reasons I used the RPM so
I don't have much choice in the matter unless I want to make my own RPM
which isn't very good use of my time imho.  But wait, it gets worse!
Whoever made this decision decided just moving everything and getting rid of
/conf directory was not disruptive enough.  So they decided to split it up
and leave the sound files where they are in /opt/freeswitch.  Again, wtf?!



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