[Freeswitch-users] transfer/bridge in a conference

michal michal at noblesolutions.co.uk
Tue Jun 19 12:57:24 MSD 2012

What's the best way of implementing this scenario: In conferenceA there
are user1 and user2, in conferenceB there is user3. How to create 3-way
conference with all 3 users and then "transfer?" user2 to confereceB.
User1 has to stay in conferenceA after the "transfer" so next call can
be taken in conference A while user2 and user3 still talk in conference


 I have thought of creating a new conference C where all parties could
talk and "lock" Conferences A and B till user 1 comes back to conference
A and user 3 comes back to conference B (user 3 will hangup the call and
conference C will be closed/finished)


Hope this makes sense..


I am using JavaScrip/Node.js to develop this. 


All hints and help will be appreciated 

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