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Seven Du dujinfang at gmail.com
Thu Jun 14 18:56:08 MSD 2012


Sorry I didn't promote as it's mainly targeted to the Chinese Community and it's the first Salon in China and we want to keep a low profile.

I'm the creator and maintainer of FreeSWITCH-CN(http://www.freeswitch.org.cn ). We'll have a Salon at this Sunday (June 17th, UTC+8) afternoon in Beijing, China.


According to http://freeswitch-cn.eventbrite.com/ , we have 56 registers till now and we do accept blind reg.

It will be in a coffee bar and if anyone happens to drop by is welcome to have a cup of coffee.

The Chinese Community is growing and I will can have more news to ClueCon.

And I have one news now. I personally received the first donation a few days ago for the in-writing book: FreeSWITCH in Action (You won't use this name in the second edition of FS book, right? Michael :) ) , it's published on site using CC-BY-NC-ND.


My aim of running the FreeSWITCH-CN community was to help Chinese speakers to learn FreeSWITCH. And I had put a Paypal donation button on and planed to donate back a percentage to the core developers but get nothing till now.

I just figured out that there's basically no way for us legally collecting money in my country publicly. So I replaced the paypal donation to a guide link directly to freeswitch.org and if anyone donate with a remark of FreeSWITCH-CN it's probably from our community, or probably never.

Anyway, I will use the first being-donated-money to buy a few things and will give out at the Salon, it's not that much, but it's something. And if there's future donations happens privately to me I will definitely happy to donate back to upstream.

Ok, back to the Salon. I will report more here after the Salon and probably we could run a tiny ClueCon in China next year?


About: http://about.me/dujinfang
Blog: http://www.dujinfang.com
Proj:  http://www.freeswitch.org.cn

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