[Freeswitch-users] Skype on FreeSwitch install issues

Giovanni Maruzzelli gmaruzz at gmail.com
Wed Jun 6 21:17:15 MSD 2012

please use the automatic installer (install.pl) it will do it all for you

if not using automatic installer, do something similar to:

#Unload possible ALSA sound modules that would conflict with our OSS fake
rmmod snd_pcm_oss
rmmod snd_mixer_oss
rmmod snd_seq_oss
sleep 1
#Create the inode our fake sound driver will use
mknod /dev/dsp c 14 3
#Load our OSS fake module
insmod /usr/local/freeswitch/skypopen/skypopen-sound-driver-dir/skypopen.ko

this will work

Explanation is: your alsa installation creates automatically /dev/dsp for
compatibility with OSS, but you do not need it, if you are using ALSA. (You
would need it to use alsa from OSS application, but this is not what you


On Wed, Jun 6, 2012 at 5:36 PM, <toddb at toddbailey.net> wrote:

> Hello,
> New to list & appologies if this is the wrong place to post questions.
> Assuming this is the place to be, here is a question.
> Whet I get to the build step for skypopen
> "make clean; make; insmod ./skypopen.ko; mknod /dev/dsp c 14 3"
> I get an error with the insmod cmd,  resource / device busy
> I think it's caused due to having several snd entries listed via the
> "lsmod |grep snd"
> The machine is question is a media, database and email server.
> And the media server component requires the use of ALSA components.
> Does this requirement prohibit the use of the skype component in
> Freeswitch or do I just need to prevent the snd modules from loading to
> complete the kernel mod? Then re enable snd modules at next boot.
> If this is the case any suggestions?   Maybe running FS in a Vbox to
> provide the functionality?
> Or do I need a dedicated box just running linux and FS components?
> current machine is fedora 14 x64 on a 4 core xeon @ 3ghz w/7 gig memory,
> w/ 35 % process load average
> thanks
> BTW: my desired configuration
> analog land line to Cisco SPA3102 router connected to the FS server with 4
> extensions registered.
> outbound local calls router to analog line, 1+ area code out bound calls
> routed to skype.
> Incoming calls routed to all extensions, unanswered calls set to a ivr to
> 1. leave voice mail or 2.forward to cell phone (via skype connection)
> any of this not do-able?
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