[Freeswitch-users] limit app problem with loopback channels

Jose Fco. Irles Durá josefu at gmail.com
Mon Jun 4 21:45:46 MSD 2012

> Hmm, not entirely sure why it's doing that. It looks like the limit is being
> called twice for each dialstring. Just for kicks, can you change
> execute_on_originate to execute_on_media? If that doesn't work, try
> execute_on_ring as well. I'm just hoping to get some empirical data on what
> happens in these scenarios. Once we iron it out we'll get it all wikified.

With execute_on_ring works, with execute_on_media or
execute_on_originate doesn't work.

I also tried another approach with a lua script that starts with
freeswitch, receive the "CHANNEL_CALLSTATE" events,
increment/drecrement my counters and insert the uuid of the calls that
i need for pickup/spy later.

Jose Fco. Irles Durá

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