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Saugort Dario Garcia Tovar dgarcia at anew.com.ve
Fri Jun 1 17:10:35 MSD 2012

Hi, Frank,

I just still novice with FS.

I don't think could be a problem in mod_freetdm. As far I see, when you 
do a unload/reload of freetdm, freetdm reincialize the hardware. Your 
hardware could getting stuck in a condition where the sangoma driver 
(wanpipe or dahdi) could not recover.

I suggest you try to narrow what is going on with your faxes. If you 
have a buttset (http://www.phonegeeks.com/buttsets1.html) , you could 
verify if the line is giving dial tone or not. Could be a voltage 
problem. Hardware incompatibility,  kernel issue, etc, etc, etc.

The second thing is update your hardware software to latest releases.

On 5/31/2012 6:05 PM, Frank Busalacchi Jr wrote:
> Hi, and thanks in advance for your help.
> I run freeswitch with a SangomA A102 (FXO/FXS) card.  The freeswitch 
> code base that it is running on is about 3 months old.  It is a 
> production server, and taking it down other than in the middle of the 
> night is problemsome...  It is running on Debian Lenny.
> In the next couple of days I am going to be spending the night, doing 
> a fresh install of the latest debian (squeeze) at which time I will do 
> a fresh GIT, fresh sangoma wanpipe and be totally current on FreeSwitch.
> My Question:
> I am having intermittent problems with my FXO/FXS ports.  Basically I 
> have fax machines attached.  Every so often (sometimes 5-10 days in 
> between), the fax machine says that it has no dial tone.  I am able to 
> resolve the problem by going to the CLI and unloading mod_freetdm and 
> then reloading mod_freetdm.  When the "no dialtone problem" is 
> happening, unloading mod_freetdm takes 10 seconds or so...I have even 
> had it crash freeswitch during the unload...
> I haven't attempted to narrow down the issue yet, and thought I might 
> ask for some guidance before heading down that path.
> One of my thoughts is that perhaps the Hardware is bad, but the fact 
> that unloading/loading mod_freetdm fixes it makes me think it is 
> something in mod_freetdm...
> Your thoughts?
> -Frank
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