[Freeswitch-users] how to force sofia to use digest auth first?

Mi Ke mi.ke at null.net
Sun Jul 29 21:59:42 MSD 2012

I see... thank you very much for explaining

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 It's not what you think... 
 part of the 401 unauthorized attempt is that it sends back a nonce key that you use to encrypt your password. That way, SIP has built-in protection against replay attacks even over unencrypted connections.
 (If someone is watching though, they can try to brute force your passwords based on the nonce key...)


 On Sun, Jul 29, 2012 at 8:05 PM, Mi Ke < mi.ke at null.net > wrote:
Hi All,

 I use the following bridge params to originate call:

 {sip_auth_username=xxx,sip_auth_password=yyy,effective_caller_id_name=xxx,effective_caller_id_number=xxx}sofia/external/ 1111 at 

 Since my remote carrier supports only digest authentication, it replies with 401 (Unauthorized) for my first INVITE, and then FS falls back to digest auth and my calls goes OK.

 Is it possible to change auth type priority for sip profile/globally so digest auth will be used first or disable plain auth completely ?

 WBR / Mike

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