[Freeswitch-users] What's better Unix ro Windows? LOL

Anthony Minessale anthony.minessale at gmail.com
Fri Jul 27 01:37:23 MSD 2012

If everything you are doing is via ESL and remote control, it won't
matter too much to you which one you run.
If you already have windows stuff you feel comfortable deploying its fine.

I lean to Linux just because I am most agile there and I tend to do
most of my dev on ssh terms and I have a ton of boxes I can control
and jump between.
Also I can get to them from nearly any pc around me without slow rdp
type stuff (nxwin is pretty fricken fast tho)

Raw performance, I would say windows might have a minor disadvantage
because there is a lot of compatibility layers between top level calls
and resulting operations.
What might be a native call in Linux might be a slower drop-in
replacement in Win.  We can only control so much of this since we have
tons of depends that all use their own method for portability.

I think the call volume and stress on the server needed to measure the
difference is fairly high in the many hundreds of calls.

So bottom line, try it.  It should work fine, if it doesn't ask here,
just make sure you mention Windows in the subject to attract the right

On Thu, Jul 26, 2012 at 1:49 PM, Dave R. Kompel <drk at drkngs.net> wrote:
> A few things you should also note:
> If you're running a low end system, that is not heavy on ram and CPU, forget
> about windows. This is also coming from a windows person. However if you are
> using a high end system, then you should have no problem running FS under
> windows, and depending on your application, it may out perform the *ix box.
> With that said, Windows8/Server 2012 are about 1 week away from RTM. FS
> running on Server 2012RC handles about 25% more load then the equivlent box
> running Server 2008 R2. Also much better support for Server Core (No GUI) on
> 2012, then 2008 R2. FS can be installed on 2008 R2 core, however it's a real
> pain in the ass, where it's simple on 2012 Core.
> I also have a reduced memory footprint on 2012Core and a system processing
> about 2000 sessions, at 50 CPS, running my softswitch module, and SQL
> installed on the same box runs in about 880mb of ram.
> So if you're going to try it on windows, you may want to hold out for a
> week, till the official release of Server 2012.
> --Dave
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> From: Avi Marcus [mailto:avi at avimarcus.net]
> To: FreeSWITCH Users Help [mailto:freeswitch-users at lists.freeswitch.org]
> Sent: Thu, 26 Jul 2012 08:00:40 -0700
> Subject: Re: [Freeswitch-users] What's better Unix ro Windows? LOL
> tl;dr: I find maintenance, compiling, and low-level system information much
> easier in *nix.
> I'd just like to add a few things:
> I developed all my "tech expertise" on windows until the age of ~23.
> I've only been using Linux a year, but I can't imagine doing most of this
> stuff as easily on windows. Even on my Ubuntu desktop, I'm constantly in the
> terminal wget'ing or git cloning some source code, make'ing it, rsync'ing
> from/to my servers, or just popping up a terminal windows to manage things
> on my server... e.g. checking ram or CPU usage is just a few characters away
> ('free -m')
> A friend was bugging me to use windows and after installing it, I was having
> a really hard time even with cygwin to get all the same terminal options.
> There's just so many sys-admin tasks that are just easier with the CLI (and
> then it's great to have the same flexibility to do that on your desktop,
> too.)
> I used to use sshfs heavily to mount my server over ssh as a local drive,
> but there was a bit of lag when getting folder lists or saving -- which I
> remember is better than sftp anyway.
> I now have git repos of everything I usually manage, and use Salt-stack for
> configuration management (again, config fed via git), so to make most
> changes I just edit a local git repo and git push to my server over SSH. I
> know you can replicate this on windows, but not nearly as easily...
> -Avi
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