[Freeswitch-users] non-t38 fax fails between two local FS servers

James jlyons at quikvoip.net
Tue Jul 24 00:51:58 MSD 2012

I have two FS servers on the same LAN, one for receiving FAXIN and one
for transmitting FAXOUT

FAXOUT receives an originate via ESL to send a number that routes to
FAXIN via a local FS GW. 

FAXIN directs call to python script via dialplan

FAXIN drops call 10 secs after negotiation result with this error

mod_spandsp_fax.c:500 Fax processing not successful - result (13)
Unexpected message received.

When I enable fax_enable_t38 and fax_enable_t38_request, this same call

This seems like bad configuration on FAXIN, but I receive some faxes
from remote destinations without t38. 

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