[Freeswitch-users] Setting caller_ton doesn't work

mbo mbodbg at gmx.net
Mon Jul 16 20:53:22 MSD 2012

In the sangoma wiki I can find a sample how to configure the caller_ton per call (A200 E1 card):


Based on that, I've configured the following test extension:

<extension name="Caller Ton Test">
      <condition field="destination_number" expression="^(0123456789)$">
         <action application="set" data="caller_ton=1" />
         <action application="set" data= "effective_caller_id_number=49111111111111111" />
         <action application="bridge" data="freetdm/1/a/4922222222222"/>

I'm dialing out from sip extension 1001 to the pstn. If I look in the ISDN Trace, i can see

Calling Party Number:49111111111111111(l:17) plan:isdn(1) type:national(2)scr:user, passed(1) pres:allowed(0)

that caller_ton is still set to 2 (national). You can find the full freeswitch trace here: 


It seems it's not overwriting the default parameter outbound-calling-ton from freetdm.conf.xml. Here my freetdm.conf.xml:

<configuration name="freetdm.conf" description="FreeTDM Configuration">
    <param name="debug" value="1000"/>
    <param name="crash-on-assert" value="no"/>
<param name="early-media-override" value="on-alert" />
    <profile name="telco_1">
      <param name="switchtype" value="euroisdn"/>
      <param name="signalling" value="cpe"/>
      <param name="overlap" value="yes"/>

    <span name="PRI_1" cfgprofile="telco_1">
      <param name="dialplan" value="XML"/>
      <param name="context" value="default"/>
      <param name="outbound-called-ton" value="international"/>
      <param name="outbound-calling-ton" value="national"/>
      <param name="outbound-rdnis-ton" value="international"/>
      <param name="outbound-called-npi" value="ISDN"/>
      <param name="outbound-calling-npi" value="ISDN"/>
      <param name="outbound-rdnis-npi" value="ISDN"/>

I'm pretty sure that was working in the past. Has something changed here?

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