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Seven Du dujinfang at gmail.com
Wed Jul 4 05:43:19 MSD 2012


What is video-floor-only trying to do in conference? I assume it tries to freeze the floor holder ( and his video) as long as he has video, but in my testing it's not the case, I set the param in the default profile and it seems doesn't make any difference. I tried the following change it looks more clear to me and seems works as what I expected.

-                               if ((!floor_holder || (imember->score_iir > SCORE_IIR_SPEAKING_MAX && (floor_holder->score_iir < SCORE_IIR_SPEAKING_MIN))) &&
-                                       (!switch_test_flag(conference, CFLAG_VID_FLOOR) || switch_channel_test_flag(channel, CF_VIDEO))) {
-                                       floor_holder = imember;
+                               if (switch_channel_test_flag(channel, CF_VIDEO)) {
+                                       if (!floor_holder) {
+                                               floor_holder = imember;
+                                       } else if ((imember->score_iir > SCORE_IIR_SPEAKING_MAX) && (floor_holder->score_iir < SCORE_IIR_SPEAKING_MIN) &&
+                                       (!switch_test_flag(conference, CFLAG_VID_FLOOR))) {
+                                               floor_holder = imember;
+                                       }

Another thing I found is that in the normal case(without floor-only set), the video changes according to the volume of the speaker fine, but if the floor press 0 to be muted, there's no chance of other members can get the floor, is there a problem?


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