[Freeswitch-users] Monitoring Success of SIP Registration

Rob Moore Rob.Moore at Aeriandi.com
Tue Jul 3 21:05:44 MSD 2012

Hi Everyone,

Recently we have had some problems with our Freeswitch boxes failing to respond to registration requests. A restart of FS always clears this up, and I'm looking else where for a long term solutions to this problem.

However this does leave me with another situation while I look for the permanent solution. Its normally during out of hours that our freeswitch boxes decide they do not want to respond to registrations and I would like to setup some rolling registrations every 2 minutes that the result of can be reported back on to allow for some Alerting to take place.

This could be from another Freeswitch server (maybe using a gateway, or some API commands run in a lua script) or a small application of some sort hosted on our monitoring platform. I even considered using SIP-P but everything I find seems to be rather heavy weight for what needs to be something a simple as a few lines of code in a lua script that returns a result.

So I thought I 'd open it up to the users group to see if you had any suggestions on a light weight method I could use to generate these registration request.



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