[Freeswitch-users] Disable reinvite

Richard Klingler richard at klingler.net
Mon Jul 2 14:50:26 MSD 2012


Just switched this weekend from asterisk to freeswitch on freebsd 9.0.
And so far I was able to implement basic dialplan for inbound/outbound calls (o;

What I'm trying to find is a similar configuration option from asterisk sip.conf
where individual user agents can have SIP reinvite disbaled with "canreinvite=no".

Fomr the Freeswitch documentation it states that all RTP streams are passed through
by default, but I still see SIP clients trying to send UDP streams to my box directly.

Also setting "<param name="inbound-proxy-media" value="true"/>" in sofia.conf.xml
doesn't solve this problem. I just want the UDP streams frmo outside are only allowed
from my SIP trunk provider.

thanx in advance

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