[Freeswitch-users] fail to build git version of freeswitch

Josh mojo1736 at privatedemail.net
Wed Feb 29 20:00:54 MSK 2012

> That's my point. No need to bring it on to the mailing list, where now 
> you are spreading information on a specific bug report in several 
> different places. Now devs have to spend MORE time trying to fit all 
> the pieces together. Get it?
The FS devs don't need to piece anything "together from several 
different places" simply because all the information they need to make a 
decision is already there - on JIRA, and has been since November 2011 by 
the look of things. If this issue was resolved in a timely manner, then 
there won't be multiple reports of it and it is a dead cert I won't be 
wasting any of my time on this here with you.

As for using the ML for issues like these - if it wasn't for the ML and 
the people contributing in it making you, the FS devs, aware of it, I 
bet that same issue would still be gathering dust sitting "unresolved" 
on JIRA!

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