[Freeswitch-users] fail to build git version of freeswitch

Josh mojo1736 at privatedemail.net
Tue Feb 28 16:57:40 MSK 2012

> Perhaps it would be better to keep this aspect of the thread off the 
> mailing list and instead keep it in the comments section of the 
> relevant Jira tickets. If you have a difference of opinion with a 
> specific person that's fine, but airing the laundry in public will 
> just divert time and energy away from the task of fixing the issue in 
> question.
Well, I thought "the issue in question" is a particular bug, which, as 
it turns out, was raised by no less than 3 individuals within the last 
month or so and it seems to have been duly ignored by the FS devs. What 
good is it to have JIRA if whatever is raised there is ignored?

I have no "issues" with Ken at all (or anyone else from the FS devs for 
that matter). What I do have an issue with, is that one of the FS 
developers is banging on about "raising issues in JIRA" when those 
issues have been completely ignored - that is what I have a problem with.

As for the "not airing the laundry in public" bit above - if something 
needs to be said, I'll just say it - the last time I checked, this is a 
public forum and not Nazi Germany, or have I made the wrong turn somewhere?

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