[Freeswitch-users] how to identify caller based on CIDR for billing

Muhammad Naseer Bhatti nbhatti at gmail.com
Sun Feb 26 23:55:41 MSK 2012

In order to allow ACL authentication, ACL is defined for FreeSWITCH and IP
address is entered in CIDR format. A /32 will have only 1 IP and /24 will
have 254 IP address range. Now, FS will allow the call if the IP address
falls under the subnet. For example, caller IP address is
while the ACL node is defined as This works fine, but when
it come to identify the incoming call for billing purpose, how can we
identify the IP address matches to which customer? Or which ACL node for
FreeSWITCH. One possible solution is to expand the CIDR used by FS, and
then match the caller IP address, but I guess this will take too much
resources. Am I missing something here? Or restrict the user to enter only
1 IP address per account?

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