[Freeswitch-users] Virtualized Freeswitch?

Brian Foster bdfoster at endigotech.com
Mon Feb 20 23:31:10 MSK 2012

I run freeswitch on both bare metal and OpenVZ containers. Other than
occasional choppy audio I don't have issues on virtualized nodes. I suggest
making sure your host is in fact set up properly. I've actually had better
results using freeswitch than asterisk on the same host. There are white a
few people out there running FreeSWITCH on virtualized nodes with favorable


P.S. As with Asterisk it's not really recommended to run FreeSWITCH in a
OpenVZ container. Works well enough if you bypass media.
On Feb 20, 2012 2:34 PM, "Tim Nelson" <tnelson at rockbochs.com> wrote:

> Greetings all-
> I'm quite experienced with Asterisk, and specifically, usage in a
> virtualized environment. It works great with a bit of tuning. I'm starting
> to work more with Freeswitch, and as such, I'm looking to implement it in a
> virtualized environment. My initial installation was onto a CentOS 6 OpenVZ
> container. However, the logs are showing this (many times):
> 2012-02-20 18:43:51.846882 [WARNING] switch_scheduler.c:114 Task was
> executed late by 280 seconds 1 heartbeat (core)
> 2012-02-20 18:43:51.846882 [WARNING] switch_scheduler.c:114 Task was
> executed late by 260 seconds 2 check_ip (core)
> 2012-02-20 18:46:21.496538 [CRIT] switch_time.c:798 Virtual Migration
> Detected! Syncing Clock
> 2012-02-20 18:46:21.496538 [CRIT] switch_time.c:810 If you see this
> message many times try setting the param enable-clock-nanosleep to true in
> switch.conf.xml or consider a nicer machine to run me on. I AM *FREE*
> afterall.
> I completely understand the issue with realtime applications such as VoIP
> in a virtualized environment with limited timing facilities. However,
> OpenVZ makes use of a shared kernel which in my prior experience, does not
> have the issues associated with fully virtualized technologies like VMWare,
> KVM, Xen, Hyper-V, etc. Am I incorrect or is this issue specific to
> Freeswitch (but apparently not so in use with Asterisk) ?
> There are a couple of wiki entries [1][2] which seem to indicate others
> are using Freeswitch with OpenVZ with success. Am I mistaken?
> Looking for some pointers if you can lend some insight into this issue.
> Maybe the errors are harmless? I have not actually pushed any traffic
> through this installation yet, due to the errors.
> Thanks!
> --Tim
> [1] http://wiki.freeswitch.org/wiki/FreeSWITCH_in_OpenVZ
> [2] http://wiki.freeswitch.org/index.php?title=Virtualization&redirect=no
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