[Freeswitch-users] Exporting variables through mod_fifo/mod_callcenter & codec issue in mod_fifo

Marcin Gozdalik gozdal at gmail.com
Thu Feb 16 22:19:49 MSK 2012


I am trying to export some variables to consumers (mod_fifo) or callback
agents (mod_callcenter). The basic scenario I am trying to achieve is to
associate some data with path taken in IVR (in form of exported variable)
and pass information on which option was chosen in IVR to the agent. I took
a look at the source to find out how mod_fifo/mod_callcenter originate
calls to consumer/callback agents and it seems the calls are not associated
with A-leg (somebody calling to IVR and transferred to queue).
Is it on purpose? Is there a workaround for that?

I also spotted strange behavior of mod_fifo when originating calls to
consumers. It sets absolute_codec_string for calls originated to consumers
to variable_sip_use_codec_name from A-leg, adding PCMA/PCMU if not already
present. I find the logic there quite puzzling. If somebody is calling to
queue using e.g. G.729, mod_fifo will restrict codecs available in leg to
consumer to only G.729, PCMA, PCMU. Why is this narrowing of choice of
codecs implemented?

Best regards

Marcin Gozdalik
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