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Anton Kvashenkin anton.jugatsu at gmail.com
Thu Feb 16 07:41:50 MSK 2012

Excellent explanation, Michael. Thanks a lot.

16 февраля 2012 г. 2:47 пользователь Michael Collins
<msc at freeswitch.org>написал:

> Virendra,
> If inline execution is still confusing you then it's because you are
> probably having a difficult time visualizing the two steps in dialplan
> processing: parsing and executing.
> During the parsing phase, the dialplan module is going through each
> extension looking at the conditions. Each time a condition matches (shows
> "PASS" in the FS log) it then looks inside that condition to see if there
> are any actions. If there are actions inside the matching condition then
> each action is added to a "task list" in the order they appear in the
> dialplan. These actions are *NOT* executed right now. They are simply added
> to the big "to-do list" of actions. Then, once all the parsing is done, the
> dialplan module goes back to the task list and starts executing each
> action, one at a time.
> Does that part make sense? If not, then the following information won't
> help you...
> The "inline" execution of an action means that the action is executed
> *during the parsing phase*. In other words, when the dialplan module finds
> a matching condition and there is an action to add to the task list, it
> looks to see if there is an inline="true" attribute. If there is, then the
> dialplan parser basically says, "Oh, I should not add this action to the
> task list; instead I should *execute this action RIGHT NOW* before I
> continue."
> To see that for real, consider this extension:
>   <extension name="inline test">
>     <condition field="destination_number" expression="^(5599)$">
>       <action application="log" data="INFO I'm first!"/>
>       <action application="log" data="INFO Oh no you're not!"
> inline="true"/>
>       <action application="log" data="INFO Bummer, dude!"/>
>     </condition>
>   </extension>
> So, when I dial 5599, which debug line gets printed first? To find out,
> check out this pastebin <http://pastebin.freeswitch.org/18406>.
> The dialplan processing starts at line #41 of the pastebin. Every log line
> that starts with "Dialplan:" represents the dialplan module parsing the
> dialplan. The interesting stuff occurs starting at line #269 - we match the
> condition on the extension. Line #270 is the first action from this
> condition to add to the task list. Now, look closely at lines #271-273. On
> line #271 the dialplan parser sees the action - but notice the "INLINE"
> there. At line #272 you see the actual log that the action is being
> executed. On line #273 is the actual log application's output. So, this
> action was not added to the task list but rather executed right there. It
> was "executed inline." Note that at line #274 it goes back to dialplan
> parsing and adding items to the task list.
> Skip down to line #294 - there you'll see the items from the task list
> actually being executed. The two log applications that were not executed
> "inline" finally get executed there at the end.
> If you really want to see how this works try adding and removing the
> inline="true" on the various actions in this extension. Watch the logs.
> You'll see that anything with inline="true" gets executed long before the
> items that don't have inline="true".
> Hope this helps.
> -MC
> On Tue, Feb 14, 2012 at 9:26 PM, virendra bhati <virbhati at gmail.com>wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I have FS 1.0.6 "bridge" book and after reading chapters 5 and 8. Still
>> this is very confusing concept. that's why i want to know from you guys an
>> simple language with 2 or more example if you can reply with answer. Inline
>> execution is very confusing
> concept for me.
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