[Freeswitch-users] RPMs and Yum repo for EL5 and EL6 based system in beta

Josh mojo1736 at privatedemail.net
Thu Feb 16 02:00:46 MSK 2012

> Source0 is a tarball generated from either scripts/tagscript.sh or 
> scripts/dailys.sh both of these roll the tar ball
> the other Source# are tar balls we require to build and are not in the 
> git tree
Interestingly enough, I used a similar script to fetch the current tree, 
compress it and then use it as a source (git-<current_date>.tar.bz2). 
So, in addition to the daily compressed git, I would also need the other 
sources listed in that .spec file, right?

> As far as the BuildRequires those are there because they are required 
> to build all the modules the whole point of rolling modular RPMs like 
> this is so that we can build everything at one time and you can roll 
> your own config package (see package config-vanilla) and thats all you 
> need to build everything else is done for you
Yes, I understand that, but I am never going to use FS with PostgreSQL 
for example, so why would I need to pollute my build machine by 
installing the PostgreSQL -devel packages?

That is what I mean by making the .spec file more modular - for people 
like myself, if I don't want to include any ODBC/PosgreSQL stuff and 
rely solely on sqlite[3] then all I would need to do is set the 
appropriate variable in that .spec file (or reset it via the command 
line) and that is it.

> Changing UserNames doesn't add any security really... you should be 
> running freeswitch as a non-root user and then it should be a locked 
> account possibly with /bin/nologin or /bin/false as the shell unless 
> you have other reasons that make the last thing not needed...
I know all that, but it is a practice I use to define my own user names 
for the daemons I compile/deploy/run on all systems - don't worry, I 
won't bother you with unnecessary questions arising from the use of 
non-standard user name. I also deploy SELinux, so I need to tie this 
user name with the FS SELinux policy (which I will also create/amend and 
deploy), so it is important for me to easily change that name.

What are the issues with h323 I am reading in that .spec file - could 
you elaborate further?

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