[Freeswitch-users] needs some advice to secure my system

Josh mojo1736 at privatedemail.net
Wed Feb 15 03:04:33 MSK 2012

> As folks have suggested, run SIP on another port to avoid detection, 
> and only open your firewall on 5060 for absolute necessities.
Another useful thing - at least in my case - is to configure iptables so 
that this ip is completely disabled - i.e. connections (SYNs) from/to 
this particular IP address are instantly dropped, no matter what port 
this connection requests are made to.

I am employing a long list of banned addresses and instead of getting 
1000s of requests/scans after employing this "blacklist" now I have 
reduced these scans to just a few per day. Very effective!

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