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Tim St. Pierre fs-list at communicatefreely.net
Tue Feb 14 19:39:08 MSK 2012


Using the inline option with a dialplan action causes that action to 
occur immediately, as Freeswitch is parsing the dialplan.

Normally, Freeswitch parses the dialplan all at once and creates a sort 
of "to do" list.  It then changes to execute mode and actually does 
everything in the list all in one go.  This is different than Asterisk, 
where asterisk executes things one at a time as it reads them.

Where inline is important, is if you need to set a variable that will be 
referenced later on in the same chunk of code.  Inline doesn't have 
anything to do with variable inheritance, (that is export vs. set).  
Inline just makes the variable change right away, so that as FS is 
parsing the rest of your dialplan, it has access to the variables that 
you are setting.

Another place that inline might be useful is if you have some sort of 
trigger, ie. a CURL or database request.  You may want that to fire when 
freeswitch is running through the dialplan so that it can use the return 
values in further decision making.

As far as including contexts, it isn't as relevant since freeswitch 
parses everything, then executes.

You can use execute_exten to achieve the same result.  You would create 
an extension that contains your "includable" code, then use the 
execute_exten action to execute that block of code somewhere else.  It's 
a bit like calling a function in a programming language.

You can also use transfer as a goto routine.  Be aware that transfer and 
execute_exten give you different results in your CDRs.

Good luck!

virendra bhati wrote:
> Hi List,
> I am the new guy for FreeSwitch. I am not clear what is the used of 
> Inline execution.
> As per doing some tweak I found that Inline is used for set any 
> variable for  channel base like in asterisk we used double underscore( 
> __ ).
> Am i right on this concept or not?
> Another question is how to include context in dialplan in XML ?
> I am reading FreeSwitch 1.0.6 for more details but still these 
> question is not clear for me. Please help me to find out the answer of 
> these questions.
> -- 
> Thanks and regards
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