[Freeswitch-users] questions about modules.conf

Josh mojo1736 at privatedemail.net
Tue Feb 14 18:08:22 MSK 2012

> This tells me you didn't look at bootstrap.sh to figure out whats happening
> there :)
> You should really look at the file its a simple shell script...
Quite right, I haven't...yet! :-[

>> Do I need to fetch freeswitch-contrib.git and if so, where do I place it
>> - the main FS tree or somewhere separate? If I place it in the core tree
>> does bootstrap.sh picks up the additions in that tree and adjusts the
>> make process to account for these additions? Also, would that affect
>> what is included/not included/enabled/not enabled in modules.conf? Thanks!
I've looked at the contrib tree and it seems to consists of a couple of 
directories containing various pieces of code, but rarely a description 
of what this directory/module is all about, so I think I'll pass on this 
for the time being.

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