[Freeswitch-users] RPMs and Yum repo for EL5 and EL6 based system in beta

Ken Rice krice at freeswitch.org
Mon Feb 13 20:05:30 MSK 2012

Hey guys,

Check it out... Yum is on the way for new freeswitch goodness.

With root perms (that means logged in as root, su ­ or maybe even sudo)
rpm -Uvh http://files.freeswitch.org/yum/freeswitch-release-1-0.noarch.rpm

This will install the FreeSwitch YUM repo on your RHEL5 or 6 based box (that
includes Centos or Scientific Linux 5 and 6 platforms)

Then to install FreeSWITCH with the same configs you get from making samples

yum install freeswitch-config-vanilla

This will install freeswitch to /usr/local/freeswitch as you are use to
doing at this time.

RPMs are being rolled every couple of days right now, but will soon be
rolled nightly...

Find me on #freeswitch on irc.freenode.net as SwK if you have any questions
or issues, if you find any bugs please open a Jira and assign it to me.

These RPMs are Alpha/Beta quality please test them before using them in a
production environment...

Additional Packages will be available shortly.

Ken aka SwK
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