[Freeswitch-users] [newbie] questions

Josh mojo1736 at privatedemail.net
Thu Feb 9 17:09:33 MSK 2012

> Welcome to FreeSWITCH!

> But calls will be sent to FreeSWITCH by some device, correct? If it's 
> good old-fashioned SIP then FreeSWITCH will handle it just fine.
Yes, there are all softphones (PC machines with old-fashioned headset & 
mic and smartphones running a sip client).
>     Could this be done relatively easily in FreeSWITCH?
> "Relatively?" Of course! It's relatively easy for someone with some 
> experience. I highly recommend that you ask consulting at freeswitch.org 
> <mailto:consulting at freeswitch.org> for professional assistance if you 
> are not comfortable doing this all by yourself.
I'd rather do it by myself. For now though, I'd like to see whether what 
I want to achieve is possible in FreeSWITCH. I haven't yet made a 
decision what to use though - Asterisk or FreeSWITCH, it will all depend 
on whether I could set it up properly and "relatively" easy. Having said 
all that, as I developer with quite a bit of experience behind me, I am 
not afraid to delve in and get my hands dirty, if needed. I just want to 
make sure that what I want in terms of set up and functionality is possible.

> Yes, FreeSWITCH can bind to multiple interfaces. In FreeSWITCH lingo 
> that would mean that you set up a separate SIP profile for each 
> interface. (In fact, you can have more than one SIP profile on a given 
> interface since the profile is a unique combo of IP addr and port number.)
I presume different profiles can "talk" to each other, right? In other 
words calls/media can be routed/transferred from one interface to 
another (eth1<->tun0 for example)?

> "Some assembly required." :D
> FreeSWITCH can do some stuff for you, but you definitely need to make 
> sure that your NAT is not behaving badly, like having a SIP ALG.
This is what I am trying to figure out - do I rely entirely on 
FreeSWITCH (if not, what is expected of me to set up so that FreeSWITCH 
can do its job?), or do I have to do it all by myself with the kernel 
module helpers (sip, h323 etc) and ip/iptables?

> I'll have to defer to Ken Rice on this one. I know he's working on 
> RPMs for FreeSWITCH but I think it's all RedHat right now.
RedHat is good, all I need is a decent .spec file - I'll do the rest 
myself, no problem.

One thing I seem to have forgotten from my newbie list of questions - I 
take it FreeSWITCH can do call-recording (in both directions) right? If 
so, how is this stored/implemented (I hope both ends are stored as a 
single sound file)? I would like all calls to be recorded as a matter of 
policy, so I do need this implemented if I am going to use FreeSWITCH.

Many thanks again.

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