[Freeswitch-users] finally, an open alternative to Viber

Daniel - Lumicall.org daniel at lumicall.org
Thu Feb 9 01:11:18 MSK 2012

The rise of Viber has, for some people, been a case of `skype, not again!'

until now...

Lumicall is now in the Android market - and it fully interacts with
other SIP products using ENUM and SRV records.  Any feedback on this is

Interconnect (FreeSwitch calling to/from Lumicall users) is based on the
idea of federated SIP, it is explained at http://www.lumicall.org for
those who want to connect up to it.

Please bear in mind: Lumicall supports ICE (RFC 5245) for NAT traversal,
it is using the ice4j implementation from the Jitsi community.  This
makes the SIP packets bigger and often they are too big for the MTU of a
UDP packet.  When using ICE, it seems essential to use TLS, to avoid the
MTU problems and also to avoid routers mangling the SIP headers (ICE
doesn't need help from routers, they only confuse the algorithm)

Various other issues are addressed in the release notes and FAQ

If there are specific issues with FreeSwitch compatibility (either for
the Lumicall app, or for interconnect using ENUM/SRV/TLS) then I'm happy
to start a dedicated page or wiki to collect the solutions in one place
for FreeSwitch users.

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