[Freeswitch-users] Wrong system variables assignations on FreeSwitch system with two NICs

rico-freeswitch at ricozome.net rico-freeswitch at ricozome.net
Tue Feb 7 19:40:14 MSK 2012

Hi guys,

I'm facing a stupid issue on a fresh installed Debian Squeeze (amd64)
server with two NICs, and FreeSwitch bottstraped from Git tree :

- eth0 is connected to the local LAN (
- eth1 is connected to Internet and have a public IP address.
To be exact, eth0 is on a DMZ, but anyway, it's a RFC1918 address.

FS is :
FreeSWITCH Version 1.0.head (git-d2c9fb5 2012-02-06 14-12-22 -0600)

The problem is when I start the server with its default config,
mod_sofia automatically binds into the public IP address, and nothing
listens on the local IP address !

thougth the CLI, I get this :
freeswitch at internal> sofia status
                     Name	   Type	
  Data	State
           194.79.xxx.xxx	  alias	
internal	ALIASED
                 internal	profile	
sip:mod_sofia at 194.79.xxx.xxx:5060	RUNNING (0)
            internal-ipv6	profile	
sip:mod_sofia@[::1]:5060	RUNNING (0)
                 external	profile	
sip:mod_sofia at 194.79.xxx.xxx:5080	RUNNING (0)
    external::example.com	gateway	
sip:joeuser at example.com	NOREG
3 profiles 1 alias
freeswitch at internal> eval ${local_ip_v4}

I have to precise it is my first attemps to install FS, and I'm
discovering the software, so I may forget something... But I didn't
found a way to force FS to link "internal" profile with the local IP
I also could modify sip_profiles/internal.xml and hardcode the correct
IP address, but my feeling is it's not the right way, and I guess it
would probably have some side effects on the setup ?

Last, I tried both old 1.0.6 branch and lastest Git tree, both with
compiled packages "ala" Debian way, and bootstraped, and I always got
the same behavior...

So my question is simple : is this normal, ? and how should I handle FS
setup with mutiple NICs ?

Thanks for your help,

Eric Belhomme

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