[Freeswitch-users] No outbound audio on new fs build

Ira Tessler ira at connectmevoice.com
Mon Feb 6 23:30:35 MSK 2012

The following are two pcap files that have one outbound call in them.
Everything is identical except the version of Freeswitch. With the later
version of Freeswitch, I am getting one way audio on the outbound call. On
the later version of Freeswitch, there is an Update sip message that is not
in the older version. Can anyone help me and let me know how I can fix the
one way audio?

I only get the one way audio when using Yealink phones behind an Edgemarc

Old version of Freeswitch pcap:

New Version of Freeswitch pcap:


Ira Tessler


(732) 490-9007 x2

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