[Freeswitch-users] Asking a Question (a.k.a. Gabe must be getting old)

Vbvbrj vbvbrj at gmail.com
Fri Aug 31 19:40:48 MSD 2012

On 31.08.2012 18:33, Michael Collins wrote:
> FYI, I added a quickie link to the front page for the page Gabe
> suggested. I think this thread has given us our topic for next week's
> conference call: documenting how to find stuff. Let's talk about how we
> find stuff and then write up a nice page that we can link to when people
> ask vague/broad/I'm-really-lazy questions.
> -MC

Michael, in mailing list there is lack of sorting by the same 
topic/thread. For example finding thru google a page from mailing list, 
I can't browse all the posts from that page related to thread in question.

Mimiko desu.

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