[Freeswitch-users] RedHat 6.X Performance

Daniel Eiland daniel.eiland at gmail.com
Thu Aug 30 00:18:05 MSD 2012

Hi folks,

We are currently running FreeSWITCH as a (sip/rtp) conference endpoint in
our system and recently completed some latency testing.  We found that
audio passing through FreeSWITCH was taking approx 40-60ms to be mixed and
sent out the other side.

I did some looking around and as far as I can tell, we don't have
FreeSWITCH configured with a jitter-buffer.  The only other possible
performance issue I could find was the 'tickless' issue (
when running FreeSWITCH on a RedHat 6+ installation.  However, its not
clear to me if the 'tickless' setting could cause this type of latency when
there are only two clients connected to FreeSWITCH.  I was wondering if
anybody else had experienced this type of problem or had any suggestions?

For reference, we are using a RTP/PCMU payload with 10ms samples.

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