[Freeswitch-users] mod_CallCenter: Agents not being logged out

Nitin Tomer ntomer at newgen.co.in
Tue Aug 28 15:53:35 MSD 2012


Thanks, I was able to log out the agent from FreeSWITCH console. And I was
also able to define two extensions in dialpna.conf where agents can call to

But I am not able to do it from outside the system. I am not familiar with
Python, is that the only way or it can be done through some other way as



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> Now I am trying to set an agent's status with this command at the
> console: callcenter_config [agent set status 'Logged out'] [1000 at default]
> This command is executed alright, but when I execute "callcenter_config
> agent list", the status of 1000 at default is still shown as "available";
> why so?

Please see carefully how the command is written. It must be:
callcenter_config agent set status [agent name] 'Logged Out'

> Also please tell me what should be the syntax if I want to set status
> when agent dials a number. And is there a way to set this status from
> outside, like from a web page click?

On wiki 
is an example for agent-login and agent-logout dialplan extension.

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