[Freeswitch-users] mod_callcenter Design Questions

Gerald Weber gerald.weber at besharp.at
Mon Aug 27 13:01:42 MSD 2012

Hi all,

some questions regarding design decisions in mod_callcenter,primary adressed to moc.

1) why did you put the queues in a hash table rather than in db tables ?

2) what do you recommend for the following scenario:

when an agent call ends, there should be an event for the wrap-up-time start and one for wrap-up-time end.
i implemented sending end of the event using switch_scheduler_add_task, so a new task is started with the given wrap-up-time
when the call ends. this works, but has 2 disadvantages:
- if the agent ends the wrapuptime by hand, the scheduler task keeps running.-
- i cannot extend the wrapuptime on the fly if needed (or is there a fs api call to extend the time ? )

so my next idea is to put an additional sql query into cc_agent_dispatch_thread_run and do the time calculations in the callback (also for onbreak)
do you think this is a better approach ?

3) did you consider setting the agentstate for outbound / inbound calls from / to the agent contact(phone) ?


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