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Jason Caulfield jason.caulfield at intermetro.net
Wed Aug 22 02:38:30 MSD 2012

It is not so much the cps but the concurrent calls.


I am looking at maintaining a 30 cps with a 5 min. avg. call length which
results in a sustained 9000 concurrent calls.


This results in 85% mem. usage on a 4 GB machine, However CPU is at 25%
(total) on a dual core with hyper threading.


Current hardware does not support increase memory.


I am striving for about 75% cpu (appox. 90 cps).





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Do you have such a large cps/concurrent volume that you're actually seeing a
performance hit?



On Wed, Aug 22, 2012 at 12:35 AM, Jason Caulfield
<jason.caulfield at intermetro.net> wrote:

I am using FreeSWITCH in media bypass mode to decrease memory and cpu usage.


I notice that mod_sofia creates threads for each call leg to maintain
session context.


Do you know of a way to configure FreeSWITCH to use a table to maintain the
context when in media bypass mode to reduce the number of threads?


I am hoping that this will speed things up by reducing thread context
switching and reduce memory usage by decreasing memory allocation for each


Thanks for the help,


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