[Freeswitch-users] Help needed regaridng Contact Center solution

Nitin Tomer ntomer at newgen.co.in
Thu Aug 16 15:40:33 MSD 2012



I am working on a Contact Center solution. It will support mail, chat and
call queries.

The requirements are:

1. An end-customer calls, the call is handled by FreeSWITCH Auto Attendant.
2. Customer is presented with a menu and makes selection. His call is put on
hold and an entry is made in my system's database for incoming queries.
3. These queries are shown to agents handling calls.
4. And agent clicks on a query, he is shown an extension where call is
parked. He dials that and is connected to the customer.

5. He talks to the customer and resolve his queries.

Please guide me on how can do it. The application will be written in Java.

I am an experienced programmers in Java/J2EE; but doesn't have much
knowledge of VoIP/FreeSWITCH. I've configured FreeSWITCH on Ubuntu 12.04;
and have installed X-Lite Softphones on two Windows machines. I configured
these phones to work with FreeSWITCH and they are working fine.


I think that I'd have to use Valet Parking to park customer's call on an
extension, then pass that extension to agent who will dial it and will be
connected to the customer.


Please tell me whether this approach will work? And how should I go about


All help would be much appreciated.





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